Advisory Bulletin AB-2019-01 
April 26, 2019

Missouri Manufacturer’s Bottled Wines Pose Risk of Exploding


The purpose of this bulletin is to advise the public that six different types of bottled wine manufactured by the Missouri winery Casa de Loco may pose a danger of exploding and should be immediately secured to prevent injury.


The Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (Missouri ATC) issued a press release on April 25, 2019, warning that bottles of Applesauced, Bellini Gold, Coming in Hot, Kona Lover Port, OCD, and Peachy Thoughts wine brands manufactured and sold by Eldon, Missouri-based winery Casa de Loco have the potential to explode.

The wine products were available for sale in the following Missouri locations: Camdenton, Glasgow, Keytesville, Lebanon, Newburg, Osage Beach, Salisbury, St. Joseph, St. Robert, Stoutland, Sunrise Beach, Warsaw, and Wright City. The wines may also have been distributed to consumers at events in other locations.

Photographs of some of the wines are available on the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s flickr site.


While it does not appear that any Casa de Loco products have been sold in Iowa, any Iowans who have visited Missouri and purchased any products from Casa de Loco are advised not to consume the product and to immediately contain the product and store it in a location where it will be more secure should it explode.

Additionally, any consumer who has a bottle of the six affected Casa de Loco wines should immediately contact the Missouri ATC to report when and where they purchased the wine and to receive guidance on proper disposal of the product. The Missouri ATC can be reached by calling (573) 751-2964.