Iowa Program for Alcohol Compliance Training? 

The Iowa Department of Revenue offers the “Iowa Program for Alcohol Compliance Training,” or I-PACT, at no cost to employees and prospective employees of licensees and permittees. The goal of I-PACT is to inform employees about state laws and regulations regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages to underage persons, as well as the importance of compliance with these laws. For more information, visit 

Establishments that choose to participate in I-PACT are granted an affirmative defense, which may be used once in a four-year period. If an alcohol underage sale violation occurs at its establishment, the business may avoid civil prosecution. However, for the business to take advantage of the affirmative defense, the employee responsible for the violation must have been I-PACT certified prior to the offense occurring. The affirmative defense cannot be used if the employee sold to a person under the age of 18. While the business is eligible to avoid a civil penalty, the guilty employee will still be subject to a fine, and their I-PACT certification will be revoked.