There are a variety of ways to pay a delinquent tax assessment or billing notice from the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Payment methods include credit card, direct debit from a checking account, or mailing a paper check with the Department provided payment voucher. When paying by credit card, a convenience fee will be charged based on the amount of the payment. This fee will be charged to the card being used and is retained by the credit card vendor.

Set Up a Payment Plan

Payment plans can be set up with a maximum term of 36 months, and a minimum monthly payment amount of $10.00.

Make a Payment


  • For Individual Income, Corporate Income, Fuel, Sales, Use, or Withholding Income Tax: GovConnectIowa
  • For Motor Vehicle Use Tax, Cigarette/Tobacco Tax, Drug Tax Stamp, Environmental Protection and the Elderly Credit:

In-Person: Pay by Cash

What is my account number?

An account number is assigned to any debt processed by the Iowa Department of Revenue. Your account number is identified on assessment and billing notices from the Department. The account number is not a social security number or FEIN.

Note: The Iowa Department of Revenue does not accept payments from financial institutions located outside the United States. 

Proof of Payment

A receipt for confirmation of payments will be provided as proof of payment. This number can be provided to the Department of Revenue if you need an immediate release of your registration block or other legal actions being taken. 

Questions? Call the number on your latest billing letter for assistance.