Licensed premises must be in compliance with state and local health, fire, and building code laws. 

Failure to maintain compliance at any time during the license period may result in administrative proceedings to suspend or revoke the license/permit.

Required Access & Inspection

License/permit holders (their employees and agents) must allow the following individuals access to the licensed establishment without a search warrant to examine and inspect for compliance with the laws, rules, and ordinances governing the license/permit:

  • Representatives from the Iowa Department of Revenue Alcohol & Tax Operations Division and Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing.
  • Law enforcement officials from the Department of Public Safety, police and sheriff departments.
  • Fire, health, and building code inspectors.

Each time a license/permit applicant completes a new or renewal liquor, wine, or beer license/permit application, they sign an affidavit (incorporated in the application) agreeing to allow the above individuals access to the premises during business hours.

Business hours include the hours in which the license/permit holder (their employees and agents) or patrons are in the establishment, not just the hours of sale.

Walk-throughs & Visits

  • Periodic bar checks and "walk-throughs" are an effective way to get to know the license/permit holders in law enforcement official's jurisdiction. 
  • Bar checks can help monitor license/permit holder compliance with alcoholic beverage laws and rules.
  • Sample establishment checklists used by many law enforcement agencies in conducting bar checks are available.