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Business Income Tax Guidance

Service Provider

A service provider is a third party that can help a business administer payroll, employment, or sales tax obligations. A business may enter into an agreement with a service provider where the business authorizes the service provider to perform one or more filing obligations on their behalf. The service provider does not need to register with the Iowa Department of Revenue, but will need to create a logon for GovConnectIowa and request access to client accounts in order to electronically file on the client’s behalf.

Bulk Filer

Bulk Filers are businesses that file returns or make payments for withholding taxes on behalf of multiple clients at one time using the file upload process in GovConnectIowa. File uploads are required to follow the Department's approved file layout specifications. Bulk filers register with the Department by completing a bulk filer application on GovConnectIowa. A bulk filer registration should only be completed if you plan to use the file upload process within GovConnectIowa. 

Registering as a Bulk Filer

All bulk filers must be registered with the Department regardless of their filing method, and all filing must be completed using GovConnectIowa. Register to be a bulk filer by completing an application in GovConnectIowa. Applications may take up to four weeks to process. Previously registered bulk filers must create a GovConnectIowa logon to file. 

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