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General Tax Guidance

Individual Taxpayers

Take these steps to increase the likelihood any refund or correspondence from the Iowa Department of Revenue reaches your correct address: 

  1. Change your address with any United States Post Office.
  2. Updated your mailing address directly on your Iowa income tax return, IA 1040, the next time you file.
  3. If it’s not time for you to file, contact the Department’s Taxpayer Service team at 800-367-3388 or via email at to provide your new income tax mailing address. For requests sent by email, please include your name(s), the last four digits of your Social Security Number(s), your former address, and your new address. We will attempt to change the address prior to sending a refund check or correspondence, but due to timing issues that may not always be possible. 

Have you moved out of Iowa?

Taxpayers who have moved out of the state of Iowa may still have an Iowa income tax filing requirement even if their state of residency changes.

You may have an Iowa income tax filing requirement if you change your state of residency during a tax year and you received Iowa-source income during that tax year or if you continue to receive Iowa-source income in subsequent tax years.

Guidance related to who must file an Iowa individual income tax return can be located on our Who Must file? expanded instruction page.

Taxpayers who are nonresidents or part-year residents, and have a filing requirement should follow our guidance on the Nonresident and Part-Year Residents expanded instruction page.

If you have additional Iowa income tax questions, please contact Customer Services.

Business Taxpayers

We offer two convenient options for you to update this information.

  1. GovConnectIowa: Log in to your GovConnectIowa account, navigate to the appropriate section for address updates, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. If you’re not connected on GovConnectIowa, use the Iowa Business Tax Change (92-033). This form allows you to provide your updated address information. Once completed, please follow the submission instructions specified on the form.