Iowa law allows on-premises liquor licensees to mix, store, and dispense mixed drinks, cocktails and alcohol infusions which are not for immediate consumption. These are premixed drinks.

A premixed drink is:

  • Any alcoholic liquor combined with:
    • Other alcoholic beverages,
    • Nonalcoholic beverages, or
    • Other ingredients, including but not limited to ice, water, soft drinks, or flavorings.
  • Mixed with the intent to serve at a later time.

A premixed drink is not:

  • Drinks that are mixed and served immediately upon order.
  • Drinks containing alcoholic liquor that are packaged in a can by a beer manufacturer. 

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Rules for Licensees & Pre-mixed Drinks

A liquor licensee must:

  • Use the alcoholic beverages their license allows them to obtain legally.
  • Follow all applicable state and federal food safety regulations.
  • Follow all state and federal alcohol regulations.

A liquor licensee cannot add:

  • Hallucinogenic substances.
  • Caffeine or other stimulants.
  • Controlled substances.

A premixed drink batch must be:

  • Mixed and stored in a labeled container that is compliant with state and federal food safety statutes.
  • Dispensed and sold for on-premises consumption, or 
  • Sealed and sold for off-premises consumption.
  • Disposed of within 72 hours of mixing.

A premixed drink batch cannot be:

  • Stored in a sealed container prior to sale.
  • More than three gallons. 
  • Mixed, stored, or dispensed from an original package of liquor or wine, or a container bearing an alcoholic beverage name brand.
  • Added to a relabeled empty container or another premixed drink batch if expired.
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Label Requirements

A label must be on each container that holds a premixed drink batch. The label must adhere to the container, in a noticeable place, until the entire contents are dispensed or destroyed.

The label must clearly identify:

  • The date and time the alcoholic beverages were mixed with the nonalcoholic ingredients in the container, 
  • The date and time the contents expire, 
  • The title of the recipe used for the contents, 
  • The size of batch, and 
  • The person who prepared the contents.

Each label must be marked clearly with the words "CONTAINS ALCOHOL."

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Record Keeping Requirements

Records must be kept for three years on each prepared batch of premixed drinks.

The records must identify:

  • The date and time the alcoholic beverages were mixed with the nonalcoholic ingredients in the container. 
  • Each alcoholic beverage, including the brand and amount used in the batch. 
  • Each nonalcoholic ingredient used in the batch. 
  • The recipe title and directions. 
  • The size of the batch. 
  • The person who prepared the contents. 
  • The date and time the contents were destroyed or consumed. 
  • If not consumed, the method of destruction, and 
  • The person who destroyed the contents.
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Dispensing Machines

Label requirements apply when the premix in the dispensing machine contains alcohol.

Label requirements do not apply if:

  • The dispensing machine contains a nonalcoholic premix, and
  • Any alcoholic beverages are added after receiving and dispensing a customer’s order.
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A failure to follow these rules will result in a fine, license suspension, and/or license revocation.

Iowa Code References: House File 2465, Iowa Code 123.3, 123.49, and IAC 185-4.5 

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