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Expanded Instructions
  • Instruction Year: 2023

Taxpayers provide confidential tax information to the Iowa Department of Revenue in the form of individual income tax returns and other Iowa schedules, forms, and supporting documentation.

Your tax information is kept confidential by the Department, with a few exceptions as required by law. Most notably, information from your return may be made available to the Internal Revenue Service or to tax officials of another state for tax administration purposes.

Any Iowa Department of Revenue employee who discloses tax return information without legal authority is guilty of a serious misdemeanor, subject to a fine, incarceration, and civil damages. The Department will discuss confidential tax information only with the taxpayer, unless the taxpayer has properly authorized another individual to speak with or represent the taxpayer regarding the relevant tax year and issue. For more information, see Confidentiality, Disclosure, and Authorized Representation.

If you do not provide individual income returns or the necessary information to support the return, or if you provide fraudulent information, you may be charged penalties and interest and may be subject to criminal prosecution.