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Expanded Instructions
  • Instruction Year: 2023

The state setoff program is a method public agencies of the State of Iowa may use to collect past-due (delinquent) debts (for example, child support payments) that are owed.

The state setoff program matches people and businesses who owe delinquent debts with money that is owed to those people and businesses (for example, an income tax refund). Sources of funds available for setoff include, but are not limited to, tax refunds, casino and sports wagering winnings, State-issued vendor payments, and Iowa Lottery winnings. To the extent allowed by law, when a match occurs, the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR) withholds or sets off money to apply toward the delinquent debt. State of Iowa Setoff Program requirements are outlined in Iowa Code section 421.65 as enacted by 2020 Iowa Acts, House File 2565, and Iowa Administrative Code 701β€”Chapter 26.

To learn more, visit the State of Iowa Setoff Program.