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Expanded Instructions

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Mail to:

Iowa Income Tax - Document Processing
P.O. Box 9187
Des Moines IA 50306-9187

Make checks payable to: Iowa Department of Revenue

  • Include IA 1040V payment voucher with payment.

Electronic options are available for paying additional tax:

Make a Payment on

  • Using the Quick Pay option and selecting Make a Return Payment without setting up a GovConnectIowa logon will not provide an option to view history of payments made.
  • Create a logon to take full advantage of GovConnectIowa including viewing up-to-date balance, return status, and payment history.

Note: If paying by credit/debit card, a service fee will be charged by the credit card processing vendor. This service fee is retained by the vendor and is not revenue to the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Direct Debit payment with the income tax return

  • Your tax payment is made from your savings or checking account without having to write a check.
  • You may be able to make a direct debit payment through your software when you file electronically.
  • You may be able to schedule the payment for a future date through your tax software.
  • See our payment options using EasyPay