Renewal Timeline

Licensees are encouraged to renew early through their local authority. You'll receive a 70-day renewal notice from the Division. Some local authorities require renewal applications to be submitted 30 or 60 days before the license expires. 

Renewal Information

All information entered on the previous year's license will be reflected on the renewal application. However, the renewal application contains some questions that need to be answered annually to determine whether or not the applicant and the premises meet licensing requirements.

Verified Application

Applicants are encouraged to complete their own applications. If another party completes the document, the applicant must verify the information before submitting it. An applicant may be denied a license if there is false or misrepresented information on the application.

Applicants with questions should contact their local authority or the Licensing team.

For ease of renewal, learn about the automatic renewal program.


eLAPS Alcohol License System

Ready to apply for a license? Need to make a change? Access the eLAPS license system. 

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