The Iowa Department of Revenue has released tax year 2023 Iowa income tax forms to our secure site for software developers and has communicated these actions to the National Association of Computerized Tax Processors (NACTP), software developers, and other interested parties. In a July 14, 2023 communication to NACTP and software developers, the Department outlined a number of legislative changes regarding Iowa individual income taxes and on September 7, 2023, a communication was sent to NACTP and software developers regarding legislative changes to Iowa business income taxes.

Summary of Tax Year 2023 Form Changes

Software developers were notified that the Iowa 1040 was released to the Department’s secure site on August 31, and has since been updated. Additionally, to allow time for development and testing prior to the start of tax filing season in January of 2024, the secure site was updated on September 15 with several tax forms. The summary includes a list of the significant changes made to tax year 2023 forms.

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